Our Philosophy

Shari Freitag

President & CEO

Who we are...

Kairos Vitality encourages the prevention of disease and the improvement of health by suggesting appropriate lifestyle changes to our participants. Even the smallest change is a step in the right direction. We feel that each opportunity is a propitious moment to share the necessary information for each individual to take decisive and crucial action to improve one of the most important aspects of their life; their health!

What we do...

Kairos Vitality provides onsite health screenings directly to employers and employees. These screenings bring attention to health conditions and risks that could, in time, develop into a serious illness or disease. Our trained health coaches will provide immediate results and counsel participants on their personalized health risk assessments and any possible threats to their overall health. Although we are not on site to medically diagnose those who are screened, we will encourage appropriate lifestyle habits that focus on the improvement of health and well-being. Prevention is the key to our health, as well as early detection indicated by out of range results. Information obtained through Kairos’ screenings can help point individuals in the right direction to improve their medical future. If needed, we may refer participants to their physician for a follow up.

Utilizing health screenings can greatly reduce employer’s health insurance premiums as well as claims for the insurer which equates to money saved. The benefits also extend to employees, saving them money on insurance and medical bills, as well as helping them achieve a happier, healthier, more productive lifestyle, enabling them to be more proficient in the workplace.

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